With slick riffs, howling vocals, and a brilliant sound, it is safe to say that BRKN LOVE is the entire rock n roll package. On September 28, this Toronto based band not only met, but exceeded every expectation held to an opening band. Opening for power houses Alter Bridge and Skillet, pressure is high to set the tone for the evening, and BRKN LOVE nailed it. Personally, my expectations are usually pretty low for a band I’ve never heard of. My initial reaction minutes after they took the stage was “Wow.. I don’t hate this.” But that very quickly progressed into “Holy shit, these dudes rock.” I was there to experience every sense of nostalgia brought by the fact that I was raised on bands like Alter Bridge. I knew what to expect from them but I had no idea that I’d be seeing one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live: BRKN LOVE. We were all definitely getting our money’s worth with Alter Bridge and Skillet alone, but BRKN LOVE was the highlight of the night the crowd never expected. 


        Every member individually captures the crowd with their own transonic groove. But together their chemistry is unmatched.. It’s organic, and more captivating than any “Organic Chemistry” course you’ll ever take in college. With the perfect mix and sound quality held at 20 Monroe Live, combined with the band’s tightness, it was the perfect storm. Almost as if they were simply playing a perfectly mastered version of the perfect record.


       Who is BRKN LOVE? I sure as hell didn’t know. But every song had me moving like I’d heard it a million times prior. The energy of Benlolo’s howling vocals, hard-hitting drums, catchy riffs, and an overall charismatic stage presence did nothing but set the bar high for anyone touring with Alter Bridge and Skillet. Tight, heavy, and melodic rarely go hand-in-hand, especially for musicians so young. But BRKN LOVE is as seasoned as most bands with years and decades of experience. All of these elements are so refreshing in a world where rock n roll seems to simmer on the back burner. Bands like BRKN LOVE are not only playing true rock n roll, but steadily bringing it back to the forefront of the music scene.  


      Opening bands simply have one roll: Get the crowd off their asses and keep them on their feet. A role that typically is fulfilled to a mediocre extent. BRKN LOVE not only kept the crowd moving, but set a precedent exceedingly well for what the evening had in store. Opening bands who can capture this sort of energy end up with a short-lived opening career. It’s now only a small matter of time before BRKN LOVE moves their way up the bill to a headlining slot.


BRKN LOVE’s self-titled debut album is currently on pre-sale and soon to be released. (https://brknlove.lnk.to/BRKNLOVE?fbclid=IwAR0H5tEkwsxyxnsGHJFH2e56amUOjlmCmQ8sU9qPjaBTHQJ8ALtyKQxHQys)

 Follow the link below to hear their latest single “I Can’t Lie” on Spotify.   



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