Rock n roll is not dead… And Dirty Honey is living proof. Imagine diving head first into a new spin on the glitz and glamour of the 1980s, an era where rock n roll reigned supreme. Dirty Honey quite literally captures every “dirty” element of the sexual nature that rock n roll used to be. Their lyrics, stage presence, and everything in between surely captures every essence of true rock n roll. Every riff and every beat aligns perfectly with Justin Smolian’s brilliantly executed bass line. Marc Labelle’s voice is the icing on the most decadent three layer cake. All that’s left is to douse this cake in honey, and then you have: Dirty Honey. 


Never in my life have I seen such a large portion of the crowd completely miss one of the headliners just to wait in line to buy an opening band’s merch. I guess Dirty Honey is worth the sacrifice, and I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so. During Alter Bridge’s entire set, the line leading to Dirty Honey’s merch table was nearly wrapped around the Fillmore. I suppose selling your own merch is a great marketing technique since everyone wanted the opportunity to meet the band and grab some swag along the way. A great marketing technique as well as an accurate portrayal of character. These guys work hard and are humbled by every fan they meet, and at the Fillmore it was hundreds. The line was like a rainbow and at the end of that rainbow stood a pot of gold, or in this case, a pot of honey. Each member of Dirty Honey waiting anxiously to meet every one of their fans, no exceptions. 


Refer back to the image of the glitz and glamour of early rock n roll described earlier.. Most bands and artists seem to be held captive by indulging in this lifestyle, but Dirty Honey stands out from those typical “rockstars.” They’re out doing the dirty work themselves, and it’s clearly rewarding. Holding the number 1 spot on Billboard’s mainstream rock charts, you’d never guess that Dirty Honey consists of 4 of the most humble men you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. 


Aside from these admirable personal traits, Dirty Honey surely puts on a “Number 1 on Billboard” kind of show. With striking charisma, Labelle takes the stage with one job: Give the crowd something to watch and enjoy. A job he fulfills exceedingly well. With Smolian, Notto, and Coverstone running the rest of the stage, the hair never stops flowing. Visually, it’s the perfect storm.. A “hairicane,” in fact. The ambiance of true rock n roll isn’t even the best part. Labelle’s captivating wails paired with 3 talented instrumentalists creates a sound that everyone in the room came to hear. Seeing Dirty Honey live is not only a show, but an experience well worth its ticket price. Rock n roll is alive and well… Thanks to bands like Dirty Honey.


Check out Dirty Honey’s number 1 song on Billboard, “When I’m Gone,” on Spotify:

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  • Dano says:

    So very true seen the band my 1st time at Rocklahoma, best band of the day. There was some good bands there too. So them again in Springfield MO, 4 band’s playing that night, again the best band there. I will see them every time they are in driving distance. They are going to be (should already be) superstars. What’s the matter with promoters? Are they deaf? Pay these men!????

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