If you’re an avid headbanger, I’m not sure Spirit Animal would be at the top of your daily playlist. But, regardless of their innovative, pop-like approach to indie/alternative rock, they put on a show that can appeal to any audience ranging from the heaviest rockers to college kids just trying not to bounce their next rent check. Their live performance is nothing short of an absolute blast with an energy that everyone can feel, no matter their musical preference. If you like relatable, easy lyrics and a groovy, funk-like aesthetic, Spirit Animal fulfills your every need. 


Remember when the band Cake hit the mainstream and no one knew what genre to file them under? Spirit Animal rides that same line, and for someone who hates the whole idea of “genres,” this quality is much appreciated. I’m never one for comparisons, but if you need an idea of what Spirit Animal provides, just think: Cake, but better. 


The band has undeniable qualities and a sound that no one can turn down in a live music setting. On November 5, opening for Theory of a Deadman, the show they put on at the Machine Shop was very interactive. Anyone can participate whether they’ve heard/seen them prior or not. My personal favorite of the night was a song off their latest record called “HYDR8.” Some might find the lyrics cheesy, but that in itself is what makes it fun. Whether you’re an alcoholic or a devoted gym-goer (or both), this song is definitely for you. If you’re the type who doesn’t take the time to learn the lyrics, “YEAH” would be right up your ally because, yeah, it is that simple. It’s songs like “HYDR8” and “YEAH” that prove my point that Spirit Animal has something for everyone, and all the other tunes will have you on your feet or even jumping around.   


I always admire effective marketing tactics and Spirit Animal has a great one up their sleeve. They were selling a yellow t-shirt at their merch table… But don’t dare call it yellow. It’s banana fucking cream. Toward the end of the set, Steve Cooper (vocals) described this shirt as “NOT yellow,” having all the people in the crowd who’ve had their fair share of drinks thinking it’s some mysterious optical illusion. After the set, everyone made their way to the merch table to see what all the hype was about, and, ca-ching. The shirt IS in fact a light shade of yellow, but we wouldn’t dare disappoint Cooper (who awaits at the merch table) by calling it that. It’s banana fucking cream, bitch. 


No matter what your “spirit animal” was before coming to the Machine Shop, by the end of the night, your “spirit animal” was in fact Spirit Animal. So, headbangers, trade your black t-shirt for a banana fucking cream t-shirt and hop aboard the Spirit Animal ride. You won’t be disappointed. 


Listen to Spirit Animal’s latest release “Reborn Yesterday” at https://open.spotify.com/album/5EtL6FigyGVYkLxLaSnSOL

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