Why 2020 Looks Promising for Rock n Roll Fans

Many aspects of the music scene stirred the rock n roll pot in 2019, a pot well overdue for a good seasoning. Between ‘The Dirt’ bringing 1980s rock culture to life, Tool finally giving in to online streaming, and Post Malone introducing Ozzy to a whole new crowd, rock seems to be relevant to the mainstream now more than it’s been in decades. For the rock fans, 2020 seems to be very promising because of the bands and artists emerging from the underground to the front line of the scene. New releases from bands such as the Black Keys(after a 5 year hiatus), Highly Suspect, and Alter Bridge were in a way expected, but what no one expected were the bands that essentially came out of nowhere to run right through the door that Greta Van Fleet has been credited for knocking down and head straight for the top of the charts. Fans are wanting some good, raw rock n roll, and these bands are delivering:


  • Dirty Honey

Coming in hot to the forefront of rock n roll, Dirty Honey seems to have the game figured out, and fans are surely enjoying it. While respectfully acknowledging an incredible array of influences, they embrace every element of their forefathers. With hints of Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, and everything the 70s and 80s had to offer, they’re definitely the love-child of all rock n roll. These rock legends shine through as the band brings a refreshing new twist to the scene. Since their impressive debut EP release in early 2019, Dirty Honey spent the year sharing stages with hot rock icons: Alter Bridge, Skillet, Red Sun Rising, Goodbye June, and every new rocker’s dream, Guns n Roses. Making history for rock n roll as the first band without a record label to land a #1 spot on Billboard charts, 2020 is looking very promising for some headlining dates and even a rumored second record. The rock community is very eager for what Dirty Honey has in store for the year, and they will without a doubt fulfill all of our “dirty” needs.

Tracks to listen to: When I’m Gone, Scars, Rolling 7s


  • BRKN Love

I always like to give credit where credit’s due and these guys are definitely deserving. It’s very rare to stumble across raw talent in a young band but BRKN Love is as raw and as talented as it gets. Not many young artists are willing or even able to record their debut album on tape, but these guys are seasoned enough to have done it. I can’t lie, we’re in for some great, new rock n roll. Riding the fine line between heavy and melodic, right in the sweet spot, BRKN Love is sure to please anyone with their highly anticipated debut album(coming Valentine’s Day 2020). Personally, I hate band comparisons, but as someone whose favorite bands include Foo Fighters, Zeppelin, Audioslave, and Soundgarden, BRKN Love fits right in with the type of rock that I (and many others) constantly crave. Trust me when I say that this is a must-hear and definitely a must-see live experience. BRKN Love began with power vocalist Justin Benlolo and grew into one hell of a power group adding Kyle Duke(guitar), Russell Holzman(drums), and Nick Katz(bass), a true rock band with unmatched talent. Whether they know it or not, these four guys have filled some rock n roll shoes that were long overdue to be filled, and long overdue to be recognized. It’s only a short matter of time before these four names become rock n roll household names.

Tracks to listen to: Shot Down, I Can’t Lie, Flies In the Honey(unreleased)


  • Theory of a Deadman

For nearly two decades, Theory of a Deadman have spread themselves all across the modern rock spectrum, pleasing many along the way. As far as their live show goes, it’s very diverse in nature, which keeps the crowd on their toes. This diversity is what sets them apart from most modern rock bands. Fans are definitely on their toes waiting to see what their 2020 album release has in store, and given Theory’s track record, we surely won’t be disappointed. Which elements of the rock spectrum will we get from Theory with ‘Say Nothing?’ We’ll find out on January 31st.

Tracks to listen to: History of Violence, Angel, Rx (Medicate)


  • Greta Van Fleet

These Michigan rockers have been credited for opening the gates of rock in 2017, a threshold that many seem to be crossing quickly behind. The band promised their second full-length album by the end of 2019, but as the year comes to an end, it looks like we can expect the record in 2020 instead. Greta Van Fleet have traded their home-team, Grammy Award Winning producer, Al Sutton, for a producer who has worked with big name artists including Adele. Many are curious to see this new direction they have promised to be taking. Maybe this change in producers will help them capture the more orchestrated/theatrical sound that the band has expressed interest in. Fans wait patiently to hear when they can expect the new album while keeping an eye out for any 2020 tour announcements.

Tracks to listen to: Highway Tune, Flower Power, Lover Leaver Taker Believer


  • Reignwolf

I personally haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Reignwolf live, but they are definitely on my “must-see” list, as they should also be on yours. As a relatively new band, having only one full-length album on the shelves, Reignwolf shows a promising rise in the rock world bringing many great new tunes to the table. They really showcase a modern take on blues-influenced, fuzz-driven rock. Their 2019 release of  ‘Hear Me Out’ is not one to be ignored. 

The band now has a great full-length album under their belt, and fans are craving more. We can only be hopeful for another release in 2020.

Tracks to listen to: Black and Red, Are You Satisfied?, Over & Over   


There are many things for rock fans to be excited about in 2020. Rage Against the Machine coming out of the woodworks, Motley Crue touring with Def Leppard, promised albums from Greta Van Fleet and Theory of a Deadman, rumored Foo Fighters 10th studio album… What’s next? A Nickelback reunion?(Haha, no thanks) Festival and tour lineups are highly anticipated for the year to come. 2020 is already looking like a busy year for rock n roll fans everywhere. The world has seen its “Roaring 20s.” Let’s hope this time around it’ll be a “Rockin’ 20s.”

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